Wood is Good

Perhaps it's designers embracing their inner environmentalist, but it seems to me that wood is everywhere these days.

Saturday, I was getting my hair cut, and I noticed that the Aveda men's line uses wood grain as a design element on their packaging.

At first I thought it looked a little familiar, and that I had seen it on a Method product at Target. Turns out I had, but it was for wood floor cleaner. OK, that doesn't count.

But then yesterday, I'm doing my usual Sunday afternoon work-at-Starbucks, when I have to go online to check something. As I'm at Starbucks, I'm immediately redirected to the Starbucks/T-Mobile homepage, which has uses wood grain as a background (I believe the Starbucks homepage had a wood grain background as well, but as of today it's changed).

Later on, doing some research for a business card project, I come across a card that uses wood grain as the entire back of the card. Even more research later, I found CD labels and plates. Cool!

Sidebar: Ummmm, how cool is that Delight website?

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