Weekly wrap up

Wow--I can't believe it's Labor Day weekend already. Wasn't it just June? This summer really flew by (for me, anyway), part because of how busy I was, and part was due to lack of vacation (major home renovations put the kebosh on that; and added to my stress--causing me to, you guessed it, need a vacation even more).

Anyway, this week I kind of laid low... not much going on, but I have lots of exciting stuff on the horizon:

--This week I received proof approval on the One Kid catalog. This is usually very, very stressful as the color has to be 100% dead-on, and usually takes several rounds of back and forth to achieve color perfection. Oh, and they usually need the catalog yesterday. This time we only had one back and forth, and the folks over at One Kid are very happy with where we're at. Now, on to printing!

--Worked on One Kid hangtags and advertisements.

--Got some new work from Marcy.

--Received design approval from Kate over at Greenwich Dance Studio. I am so excited about this site; it's not quite a departure from my normal "look", but it's definitely a little different for me.

--Put up a temp site for HB Home; it's not much, but it's keeping in tune with the site design I'm working on. Check it out here: hbhomedesign.com

--Met with my pal Tim Coffey, regarding some website changes and direct mail work.

--Finalized some business card designs for a pal who's opening up her own shop (I can't get into specifics now, but I will brag on and on about her once said shop opens). We were actually supposed to meet this week to go over the designs; however the printer at Kinkos had other ideas; we're meeting next week, instead.

--Sent my middle child, Madeline, to kindergarten. This was probably the hardest thing I did all week (although, she thought it was pretty simple. When it was time to go into the classroom--without me--for the first time, she just grabbed her friend's hand, and walked in). While it breaks my heart just a little to see my baby grow up like that, it is nice having the kids back in school. The house--during the day, at least--is much, much quieter.

This weekend we don't have a lot going on: we laid low today, picnic tomorrow, and no real plans Monday. I'm hoping to get ahead on some projects, so next week I'm not completely overwhelmed.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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