Friday LOLs: They're so ca-yoote edition

I find myself in a funny position for this one: When parents text.

I am, after all, a parent to 3 girls; the oldest--the teenager--has a cell phone that acts as her third arm--she's never without it. Since she's had one (for about 4 or 5 years now), we've become increasingly proficient in texting--it was a necessity if we were to continue to communicate with her.

On the other hand, I have parents. Parents who know better than to text--umm... because they don't know how to (either that, or they can't see the buttons on their phones. Probably a healthy mix of both).

Anywho. When parents text; sometimes funny, sometimes adorable. Just ask my teenager.




A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a blog called Chair Whore, which A) I love, and B) describes me rather well--if only because when I see a chair I love (which happens often), I HAVE SUCH A REACTION. It's almost like shoes--except I have a closet for shoes. If I started buying chairs the way I buy shoes... well, let's just say that it would put a strain on my marriage.

But a girl can drool; and drool I did when I found this gorgeousness over on design*sponge yesterday:

The Farmhouse chair, from Bend is beautiful. First of all, it comes in orange (everything should come in orange). If an item is available in orange, I immediately stop and look anyway. But holy cow. WANT.

The Lucy and Ethel chairs are lovely, as well--but the other chair on the Bend site that made me stop in my tracks is the Bunny.

The great thing about these chairs is that they're versatile, and can be used indoors and out. Well, and they come in orange.



How awesome is Adele?

Seriously, her voice is incredible. Rolling in the Deep has been on heavy rotation for me the past few weeks, and I'm happily listening to the entire album--released stateside today--over on npr now. I think Adele is the perfect way to ease back into the work week.


New work!

What happens when your phone rings, and the potential client on the other end tells you that they need a logo and website for a super delish sandwich shop they're opening up?

Well, if you're me, you squeal with excitement.

What happens then, when they tell you that the name of said sandwich shop is Melt?

If you're me, you're already squealing, so maybe some excited dancing is in order.

Seriously, Kristin and Bill, the geniuses behind Melt, couldn't make a better sandwich. I'm going to let you go to their just-launched website--meltsandwich.com--to see how it all works (look at that menu and tell me you're not drooling).

Oh yeah, that's right... I said just-launched website. Brand spankin' new. Fresh, just like their food (OK, OK, I'll stop now).

I'm telling you guys, if you are remotely close to the White Plains area, you best be stopping at Melt for some serious deliciousness (it's like, 40 minutes from me, and I have been known to stop there for lunch. It's worth it. Trust me). And if you can't make it, you better hope somebody comes up with some edible internet soon.


To have and to HLD


Last week, twitter was all abuzz with anthropologie's new bridal shop: BHLDN, whose website was unveiled today. Did I mention yummers?

First of all, the shoes. MY GOD, the shoes:

I am aching for these yellow ones. My brother in law is getting married this fall, and I think I have found the perfect shoe for the wedding:

Then there's the dresses:


There's pretty hair accessories, to die for jewelry, belts, gloves, handbags... it's all stunning. Totally makes a girl want to get married all over again (to the same guy, of course!).



These adorable neon-toed flats, from--where else?--the always awesome Kate Spade.

It's not quite Friday, it's still a little snowy, and it's fa-reezing out. I think a little neon-toed yumminess is needed to get through the day.


New work (sort of)

Sometimes, jobs just don't work out. It could be any number of reasons; and really, 9 times out of 10, it's nobody's fault. Design is a finicky business--everyone has different tastes, and what I like may be vastly different than what you like.

Harvest Home was one of those projects. I completely and totally believe in what they're doing: bringing farmer's markets to low-income areas in the 5 boroughs of NYC. Harvest Home gives people who might not have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, well, easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables. They accept food stamps, and really give people another option besides the corner bodega.

Round one, I tried merging a city with a field:

and in later rounds, tried giving it less city, more farm:

I had so much fun playing with different fonts and shapes for this round 1 version:

I also really liked the double H pitchfork, seen here in a round 2 idea:

IN round 3, I played with different "home" shapes--I definitely prefer the above version over this one:

Finally, I'm a sucker for type that looks stamped. Can't you see this stenciled on the side of a crate of vegetables?

Unfortunately, the city has it's share of farmer's markets with an apple incorporated into it. Let's try a rooster, instead:

Unfortunately, the project never panned out. But I'll keep these in my back pocket, along with tons of other rejected logos--maybe one day I'll get some inspiration from them.


Films en langue adorable

How completely adorable are these short films made for EF Language Schools?

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

While they all feature the same soundtrack (and roughly the same storyline), the films--tied together with some gorgeous typography--are great fun. I think Paris is my favorite, but you can see them all here.


Monday morning quarterbacking

So, as we all know, there was that big dumb football game yesterday, in which 2 teams in yellow pants played to see who was the best yellow pants team ever. But in between all the football, and yellow pants, was the most important part of the Super Bowl: no, not the Black Eyed Peas--although, huge props to them for A) actually singing; and B) being younger than a million years old. No, the best part of the Super Bowl is the ads!

OK, but not really this year.

Seriously, what up, ad agencies? This is it; your time to shine--these ads cost a bazillion dollars to air, and the best you can come up with is a kitchen remodel featuring Bud Light? Adrien Brody (Sidebar: yum) crooning for Stella Artois? People throwing Pepsi cans at each other? A guy sending flowers to his girlfriend, telling her in the card that he loves her enormous rack (but to be fair, it DID come from his heart)? A FACEBOOK-equipped car??? Disappointment, after disappointment, after disappointment.

The lone standout, in my opinion, was the VW commercial I posted on Friday. There were others that were clever: Audi's rich people in jail, Chevy's old folks home, Coke's border guards, and CarMax's flashback to the 50's, to name a few. But I was unimpressed with Eminem--both commercials--Diddy, Ozzy, Roseanne Barr... YAWN.

Did the yellow pants put you to sleep, like me? You can check out all you missed here at Brand Bowl 2011. Maybe next year, we'll have pants--and ads--with a little more variety.


Friday LOLs: Awwwwww, edition

I have such a soft spot in my heart for VW. The first non-used, brand new, "grown up" car I bought was a Jetta (man, that car was fun to drive)--actually, my first 2 grown up cars were Jettas, before I graduated to the super-grown up Passat Wagon (still fun to drive, but not nearly as fun as the Jetta). Nowadays I'm just another soccer mom in an SUV, but man, I fantasize about the day when we don't need that third row, and I can downsize back to a Jetta.

But I digress. VW has always had great advertisements (Fahrvergn├╝gen, anyone?) and this one is no exception:

May the force be with you, VW.


The charmed life

I discovered the impossibly adorable Matchbook Magazine last week:

An e-zine that has branded itself as a "field guide to a charmed life," this look book is the brainchild of Katie Armour and Jane Lilly Warren. Adorable illustrations and fantastic photography are just part of the magazine's charm; inside you'll find everything from editors' wish lists, to Warby Parker (a fantastic online optical shop that not only sells glasses for $95, but also donates a pair of glasses when one is purchased. Words cannot express my disappointment in the fact that they do not sell bifocals. Sigh), to letterpress (YUM), to cover girl Lela Rose.

I feel like Matchbook is the type of magazine poised to take that spot in my magazine archives that Blueprint left behind. I am completely smitten.


Night & day

Last week I came across this pretty awesome photography challenge from Gizmodo: Using long exposures, users were asked to submit photos taken at night, that look like they were taken during the day.

In some of these shots, you can see the rotation of the earth in the stars... which I think adds to the cool factor. Sometimes, things aren't always what they seem.