New work (sort of)

Sometimes, jobs just don't work out. It could be any number of reasons; and really, 9 times out of 10, it's nobody's fault. Design is a finicky business--everyone has different tastes, and what I like may be vastly different than what you like.

Harvest Home was one of those projects. I completely and totally believe in what they're doing: bringing farmer's markets to low-income areas in the 5 boroughs of NYC. Harvest Home gives people who might not have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, well, easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables. They accept food stamps, and really give people another option besides the corner bodega.

Round one, I tried merging a city with a field:

and in later rounds, tried giving it less city, more farm:

I had so much fun playing with different fonts and shapes for this round 1 version:

I also really liked the double H pitchfork, seen here in a round 2 idea:

IN round 3, I played with different "home" shapes--I definitely prefer the above version over this one:

Finally, I'm a sucker for type that looks stamped. Can't you see this stenciled on the side of a crate of vegetables?

Unfortunately, the city has it's share of farmer's markets with an apple incorporated into it. Let's try a rooster, instead:

Unfortunately, the project never panned out. But I'll keep these in my back pocket, along with tons of other rejected logos--maybe one day I'll get some inspiration from them.

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