New work!

What happens when your phone rings, and the potential client on the other end tells you that they need a logo and website for a super delish sandwich shop they're opening up?

Well, if you're me, you squeal with excitement.

What happens then, when they tell you that the name of said sandwich shop is Melt?

If you're me, you're already squealing, so maybe some excited dancing is in order.

Seriously, Kristin and Bill, the geniuses behind Melt, couldn't make a better sandwich. I'm going to let you go to their just-launched website--meltsandwich.com--to see how it all works (look at that menu and tell me you're not drooling).

Oh yeah, that's right... I said just-launched website. Brand spankin' new. Fresh, just like their food (OK, OK, I'll stop now).

I'm telling you guys, if you are remotely close to the White Plains area, you best be stopping at Melt for some serious deliciousness (it's like, 40 minutes from me, and I have been known to stop there for lunch. It's worth it. Trust me). And if you can't make it, you better hope somebody comes up with some edible internet soon.

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MELT Sandwich Shop said...

Thanks Tracie!! We are in LOVE with the site!! ...And you :)