Type Tuesday

I feel like I am being spoon-fed gorgeous type this week... and you know what? I don't mind one bit. Today's beauty comes via the MyFonts blog (thanks to Jeff Fisher, via Twitter); ladies and gents, meet Memoriam:

Just a little FYI: any type that's described as "big, sexy, high-contrast curves" I am pretty much guaranteed to love. Yum, yum.


Monday morning fonts

Last night I was reading the Times Magazine, and, as usual, I stopped at William Safire's On Language. Truth be told, I usually skim the column (it's like, about words, and stuff), but I'm always interested to see the opening typographical treatment. This week's--by Daren Newman--was no disappointment:

So there you have it. Some pretty type to start off your week. You're welcome.


Just one hour

Make a statement about global warming and turn out your lights tomorrow night at 8:30! From the Earth Hour website:

World Wildlife Fund is asking individuals, businesses, governments and organizations around the world to turn off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour – to make a global statement of concern about climate change and to demonstrate commitment to finding solutions.

Our lights will be out tomorrow night--I hope yours will be as well!


Hanging with my creative peeps

I made this mental note to start blogging more... and then I get bogged down with work. I'm sorry I've temporarily fallen out of the blogosphere--I'm certainly not complaining about the work at all (quite the contrary, I'm happy to have it!), but it does take away from time I can devote to the blog.

The good news is, hopefully soon I'll have a fresh new crop of work to show off!

In the meantime, I did have some downtime last night, and made my way up to New Haven to hang out with some of other AIGA | CT peeps (including my pals from Elements, and my new friend Dave from ConnCreatives, among others) in an AIGA sponsored event, XTown (there was a simultaneous event up in Hartford for the northern half of the state). It was nice to get out, let loose, and mingle with other creatives. There's photographic evidence over at Elements--and by photographic, I mean, "Hold very still, my iphone doesn't have a flash." Hee hee.


Snapple: Hey, what the--?

I have to confess, it's been quite some time since I last enjoyed a Snapple. Any time I'm at faced with a decision that involves Snapple and something else, I almost always go for the something else (usually water--and not the flavored stuff, either).

But today, while picking up lunch at the corner sandwich shop, Snapple caught my eye: their packaging is completely different! Their logo is completely different! And, a little internet research later, it turns out that the ingredients are different, and therefore, the taste is different!

According to the dieline:

Snapple, the original new-age beverage, is undergoing the most significant makeover in its 37-year history...

“We want to ensure Snapple continues to be the Best Stuff on Earth,” said Bryan Mazur, vice president of marketing for Snapple. “These changes to the formula and packaging come with one goal in mind: deliver the same great product, just make it even better.”

... Snapple will retain its clever and light-hearted brand personality, but with a more premium, mature execution. Gone will be the old logo and packaging, replaced with a sleeker bottle and label design that speaks to its new formula.

I haven't heard much chatter about this, but then again--while the change is drastic for Snapple--it's not like they're pulling a Tropicana... or are they?

Upon first glance, the new bottle and label definitely evoke a feeling of happiness--it's much brighter and cleaner than the older packaging:

I can't say I'm really crazy about the logo, but it does fit in nicely with the new packaging--although I do think one of the things that stood out on the old packaging was the logo. I can't say anything for the taste, but anything that gets rid of the high-fructose corn syrup, and adds real sugar in it's place has got to taste better--right?

For nostalgia, here's an image of the Snapple packaging from the early 90s (because you know you drank it back then):

AND, for your viewing pleasure, an old Wendy the Snapple Lady commercial (because you know you loved these spots):

(PS How cute is that little kid's laugh?)


More fabulous color inspiration...

...this time from Tori Burch. Behold, the blues:

Oh fashion, how I heart you.

(Oh, and by the way? Hellooooooo, shoes!)


Spring into color

The weather is starting to be a little less harsh (50 degrees? I'll take it!). The crocuses have popped up, and I'm even starting to see the very beginnings of tulips starting to break through the dirt. And yesterday? I went skiing--sans jacket.

All of these things mean that spring is very well on it's way (hurray!). And what better way to welcome the new season with a gorgeous color palette--not unlike the one sent by J. Crew this morning:

Mmmmmmmm... Just what the doctor ordered for spring.


Message for John Mayer

OK, John... Here's the thing: I know you're running around with that Aniston chick, and--quite frankly--good for you! She's very pretty, talented, has a killer body, and is quite successful at her craft. Not to mention I'm sure she is a very lovely person. However--and maybe I'm wrong--she doesn't come across as the type (Ha ha! No pun intended) of person who's head over heels about fonts. Seriously? I really can't see her getting all giddy about "the world's most beautiful and feminine script font." I mean, has she even heard of Burgues Script?

See, John, this is what I think might have gone down: you share with her that you're not quite satisfied with the font on your blog; she nods her head in agreement, clearly distracted by something like, oh, I don't know, pilates or something (She's got to do it like, 18 hours a day to maintain her shape, right?). "Uh-huh, honey, sure... whatever you think," she says.

Now, had you had this conversation with me--I would have been all. over. that. "OMG!" I would have cried, "I am SO not digging that font either! I know a couple of GORGEOUS scripts that would work so. much. better! Let's go check out Veer--if we spend enough, we might be able to score the KERN sweatshirt as well!"

See the difference? I get a little excited about fonts; clearly you do as well. We should talk some more about this--perhaps someplace not as public as our blogs. Call me!

xo, Tracie


Isn't she lovely?

Last year, almost around this time, I began working on a very, very cool package design project for a client (yes, regular readers, it's the gluten free cookies--again). I was fortunate enough to work with Silver Creative in Norwalk, who actually did the hard work of speccing (is that even a word? It doesn't look like it when you type it out) the packaging--I got the cool job of designing it.

Long story short, I did a TON of research for this. I was buying cookies left and right (never mind eating them--and gaining about 5 pounds in the process); grocery shopping took forever because each new aisle brought a slew of new package potential. And forget about Whole Foods--the client's target demographic--I pretty much set up camp there. But the one place I didn't go, and I wish I had known about it then, was Lovely Package.

Mmmmmm... lovely is right. Gorgeous, gorgeous design--I'm definitely going to keep checking back on this site. Oh, and the pretty awesome sidebar? No weight gain involved!

(Thanks David Airey, via Twitter)


Unleash your inner Pollock (without the mess)

Ashlee discovered Jackson Pollock in elementary school; ever since then, she's been after me to recreate one of his paintings. My excuse was, once the weather gets warm, you can do it in the yard. Well, warm weather came and went, and she (and I) forgot all about it. But every once in a while, she'll be reminded of just how cool it would be to drip paint on a canvas; and on those occasions my answer is always the same: In the warmer weather, in the backyard.

Well now she doesn't have to wait. Discovered via a friend's status on Facebook, you can now unleash your inner abstract artist--very neatly, I might add:

Madeline and I made this one tonight--and, might I add, she (and I) just thought it was the. coolest. thing. ever. Go here to make your own--just drag your mouse across the screen, click to change colors.

And no having to wash the paint off your hands (or carpet!).


President Obama likes helping the economy, logos

When Obama was running for president, his campaign logo was one of the most different campaign logos in history. It was very graphic, and very well executed.

Now, as part of his stimulus package, the president has another logo:

According to the article, this logo will be stamped onto the projects funded by the stimulus package:

“We’re also making it easier for Americans to see what projects are being funded with their money as part of our recovery. So in the weeks to come, the signs denoting these projects are going to bear the new emblem of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” Obama said. “These emblems are symbols of our commitment to you, the American people -- a commitment to investing your tax dollars wisely, to put Americans to work doing the work that needs to be done. So when you see them on projects that your tax dollars made possible, let it be a reminder that our government -- your government -- is doing its part to put the economy back on the road of recovery.”

Designed by Chicago-based (duh) Mode Project, I have to say that I really like it--it's graphic, and yet, gets the message across. Well done. I'm not so crazy about the accompanying TIGER logo, but they can't all be winners, can they?


Saved by a meme

Sick kids are finally better (thank goodness!), so of course there was a snow day today. Thank goodness for Marcy and her meme...

What are your middle names?
Lynn and Richard. I'm not too sure where Lynn came from, but Mattio's named after his grandfather (first name) and father (middle name). Incidentally, one of his brothers is named after his father as well. His other brother was not named after anyone (that I know of--my mother in law is one of 11 after all), and his sister was named after his grandmother. I think it's safe to say that family names are a big tradition in his family.

How long have you been together?
We just passed the 12 year mark! The traditional 12 year gift is silk or linen. The modern gift is pearls. I didn't get either, but--quite frankly--that's just fine by me.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
We met at a Super Bowl get together (I don't say party, because that would make it sound as though other people were there; it was Mattio, our hosts--his friend and the friend's girlfriend--my friend and me.

Who asked whom out?
He got my number through my friend, and asked me out. It was like, a million years after our Super Bowl meeting, though (Actually, I believe it was two weeks. But the running joke is that the time in between us meeting and his calling gets longer every time it comes up). Our first date, by the way, was a disaster. Yet here we are, 12 years later...

How old are you?
33/35. He was actually born a year before me, but his birthday is at the way beginning of the year, and mine is at the end. So for 10 months out of the year, he's 2 years older.

Whose siblings do you see the most?
We probably see our siblings about the same--maybe once a month, if that.

Which situation is hardest on you as a couple?
I think the fact that Mattio commutes is rough--I don't see him nearly as often as I would like to. But I think the most stressful aspect of our marriage is money; he's a saver and I'm a spender. We've both come around--A LOT, but it's still a sticking point.

Did you go to the same school?

Are you from the same home town?
No. I was born and raised in Fairfield; he hails from Wallingford. Growing up in Fairfield, Wallingford meant one thing to me, and one thing only: the Oakdale theater. When I found out he was from Wallingford, that was the first thing I asked: "Isn't that where the Oakdale is?" I had no idea where Wallingford was, save for that theater.

Who is smarter?
I firmly believe that Mattio is way more book smart. I, however, am the street brains of this operation.

Nah, just kidding. I think that there are some things that Mattio is smart about, like computers, and boy stuff. And there are some things that I am smart about, like shoes and sales.

Who is the most sensitive?
By far and away, me.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Mattio and I are very much alike in that we like food, and we are unafraid to try new things and restaurants. Our standby is Quattro Pazzi in Fairfield. Good bar, great food.

Where is the furthest you have traveled together as a couple?
Unfortunately, we have not traveled much together, nevermind very far. I think our honeymoon in South Carolina is about the furthest we've gone together. One day we will make it to our intended honeymoon, in Tuscany.

Who has the craziest exes?
I know very, very little about Mattio's exes (which, quite frankly, is just fine by me). But even if I did, mine would still end up the craziest of the bunch.

Who has the worst temper?
I think that all depends on what we are mad about. I stomp my feet and slam doors and throw things if I am just. that. mad. So yeah, I guess that would be me, then. Nevermind!

Who does the most cooking?
Because I work at home, I am the reluctant chef in our family. But he is a way better cook--if we ate his food all the time I would have to spend the rest of the day working it off at the gym. It's so worth it, though.

Who is the most stubborn?
I think this title is best won by our children, who really have the two most stubborn parents around. Apparently, the stubborn gene just pushed the rest out of the way to become the most dominant gene. EVER.

Who hogs the bed most?
He would say me. And you know what? He'd be right. I am drawn to the middle of the bed like a moth to a flame.

Who does the laundry?
If it's football season, Mattio. The rest of the year I do it during the week, he helps out on the weekends.

Who’s better with the computer?
Remember the first question? About Mattio's middle name? I lied above--it's really computer nerd. But I say that with love.

Who drives when you are together?
He does the majority of driving (nothing puts me to sleep faster than being a passenger in a moving car), but every once in a while--especially if he's unsure of where we're going--I'll drive. His inner compass--how shall I say this politely?--is broken.