Message for John Mayer

OK, John... Here's the thing: I know you're running around with that Aniston chick, and--quite frankly--good for you! She's very pretty, talented, has a killer body, and is quite successful at her craft. Not to mention I'm sure she is a very lovely person. However--and maybe I'm wrong--she doesn't come across as the type (Ha ha! No pun intended) of person who's head over heels about fonts. Seriously? I really can't see her getting all giddy about "the world's most beautiful and feminine script font." I mean, has she even heard of Burgues Script?

See, John, this is what I think might have gone down: you share with her that you're not quite satisfied with the font on your blog; she nods her head in agreement, clearly distracted by something like, oh, I don't know, pilates or something (She's got to do it like, 18 hours a day to maintain her shape, right?). "Uh-huh, honey, sure... whatever you think," she says.

Now, had you had this conversation with me--I would have been all. over. that. "OMG!" I would have cried, "I am SO not digging that font either! I know a couple of GORGEOUS scripts that would work so. much. better! Let's go check out Veer--if we spend enough, we might be able to score the KERN sweatshirt as well!"

See the difference? I get a little excited about fonts; clearly you do as well. We should talk some more about this--perhaps someplace not as public as our blogs. Call me!

xo, Tracie

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