Friday LOL: Baseball Edition

As we head into the weekend that traditionally begins summer, I thought more Alec Baldwin/John Krasinski baseball laughs were in order:

"You have the hands of a plumber!"


Poster love:

I am really digging on these Sasha Blair-designed posters for the Washington Lottery:

Great typography, whimsical illustrations... all in all, these posters are definitely winners (see what I did there?).



I don't look back on the old Mac OS (pre OS X) design fondly, but you have to admit, it does make a quirky Wordpress theme:


Friday LOL: Hipster edition

Dads are the original hipsters: high-larious.

Your dad wore Chuck Taylors before you did. Those were his “Just do it” shoes. He could ran faster, jump higher and ride your mom longer because of them. The only training you hipsters have done in those shoes are Natural Spirit chain smoking marathons and smug bike rides to dive bars. I wish time travel was real, just so your dad could kick your own ass for wearing the shoes that he made a legend.

Love it.



A Marimekko online shop, via Crate + Barrel? Sign me up, please!

Surprise, surprise: I love Marimekko prints! The bold, colorful designs always make me feel so happy. In fact, if I didn't already love my comforter, I would totally spring for this bedding set:

Adorbs, right?


Revised work:


The interior design firm Reger has been my client for years. They started with a snazzy flash website that showcased their beautiful work (go ahead, flip through their portfolio section, I'll wait). Unfortunately, we all know about the iPhone, iPad, and the subsequent demise of flash.

Recently they wanted to update their website, and wanted to be more visible on mobile devices. I think we all know where this is headed... no more flash-based website!

The design of the site is basically the same as when it was programed with flash, and what they lost in fluidity going from page to page, they more than made up for in the time the site loads. The entire team at Reger is thrilled they made the switch, as am I.

Yay, revised work!


Monday LOL: silly edition

Sometimes, a girl's just gotta to ask herself: am I wearing pants?

With the onset of leggings, jeggings, and other questionable -eggings, sometimes a girl's gotta consult a high power to determine if her legs are covered in proper attire.

Not sure if you're wearing pants? Check out this flowchart in it's entirety here.



I was in a Starbucks recently, and this CD was at the counter:

(Starbucks sidebar: new coconut mocha frappuccino. Try it. Seriously, you can thank me later)

So, I'm all waiting in line, and this kd lang CD catches my eye. I love the layout--I would totally buy this based on the cover art alone.; nice photo, gorgeous type. Well, of course it's gorgeous because the next day, my type-design crush Ale Paul tweeted:

Photo: k.d.lang new album using Mrs Sheppards! Sing it loud…

Love it.