Things John Mayer and I have in Common...

1. We have both, at one time in our lives, resided in Fairfield, Connecticut (I still do. I hear he has moved on to bigger and better things); and we both attended Fairfield High School.

2. He once saw the podiatrist my sister was working for while she was working there.

3. He has a blog, I have a blog (actually, he has 2. But I'm not stalking, or anything).

4. On said blogs, we both confess to loving fonts (yeah, you read me right: fonts. Not guitars (him), or shoes (me), but fonts. Actually, he uses the term "font whore." He is a man after my own heart).

Hey John, give us a call sometime when you come home to see the 'rents. I'd love to talk a mean Helvetica with you.

PS. He also admits on said blog to "...laying out his own album covers long before recording a CD." Now that's just hot.


Font-Filled Saturday

Earlier this week I was flipping through InStyle Magazine, and I came across a page devoted to Edie Sedgwick. At the bottom of the page, there's a cover shot of a book about her, and I immediately fell in love with the font:

It's just gorgeous, and I knew it would be perfect for a logo that I'm working on. Now let me just take a moment or two to explain that I love fonts. I love to play with them, to explore their shapes, sizes, widths, serifs, curves... everything. I can get pretty excited about a font, and that's just how I felt when I saw this one.

So I literally spent the better part of this afternoon trying to track down the name of this font--all based on the letters E, D and I. I checked the usual suspects: Identifont and What the Font--nothing. However, What the Font has a nice little forum, you can upload the font in question, and other users will try and help you out. A few hours later, I had my answer:

Perla, from Alias Type. Beautiful, isn't it?

In the couple hours before I gotten the answer (and in all honesty, I wasn't expecting one so quick!), however, I had moved on and crafted something similar out of Bodoni Poster. Truth be told, for this specific logo, I prefer the font I created, but I'm going to file this one away--it's too great not to use!

As far as the logo goes, I'll share that once the client picks something... we're still on round one, and--just in case--I don't want to ruin any surprises :)


Here Goes...

Well, here it is: my virgin post. I've been talking about it and thinking about it and procrastinating for quite some time now, but I've finally created a blogger account and started this blog. I'm looking forward to keeping up with it--in theory, it seems theraputic (although I'm not sure how much detail I'm going to get into... but that remains to be seen). Thanks for coming along for the ride... the more, the merrier!