Things John Mayer and I have in Common...

1. We have both, at one time in our lives, resided in Fairfield, Connecticut (I still do. I hear he has moved on to bigger and better things); and we both attended Fairfield High School.

2. He once saw the podiatrist my sister was working for while she was working there.

3. He has a blog, I have a blog (actually, he has 2. But I'm not stalking, or anything).

4. On said blogs, we both confess to loving fonts (yeah, you read me right: fonts. Not guitars (him), or shoes (me), but fonts. Actually, he uses the term "font whore." He is a man after my own heart).

Hey John, give us a call sometime when you come home to see the 'rents. I'd love to talk a mean Helvetica with you.

PS. He also admits on said blog to "...laying out his own album covers long before recording a CD." Now that's just hot.

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