The designer behind the awesomeness

A while back, I posted about these clothbound classics from Penguin (seriously, how much do you love them??).

This time, let's talk about the designer behind the awesomeness: Coralie Bickford-Smith.

The inspiration blog the 99% interviewed her, talking about a typical workday, inspirations, and the like. First of all, I totally want to hang with this woman. She sounds awesome!

The best days are when final books come in. If it's one that I've put my heart into I can't wait for them to reach our floor so I rush up to production to get my hands on them and make sure everything is as it should be. It can be a bit scary, opening those boxes of books, but when it has all worked, it's ace.

And totally want her job!

Working in central London, I can go to some wonderful places to get ideas – museums, galleries, shops. And right at my desk of course – sometimes I just get sucked into the Internet and binge visually for hours. If this is the way my day has gone I go running for half an hour at lunchtime to escape and reset my brain.

Read the entire interview at the 99%, gush over Coralie's work on her website, and--as an added bonus--check out these adorable T(ea) towels. Want.


Friday LOLs

For those not in the design industry, Lorem Ipsum is dummy text that designers use as placeholder copy. It's Latin; however, it's also gibberish, so it doesn't exactly translate to anything that makes any sense.


If you're into things not making sense--but making them, say, a hair more fun to read--I highly suggest Gangsta Lorem Ipsum. Fo' shizzle.

Lorem ipsum dolor go to hizzle own yo', go to hizzle adipiscing elit. That's the shizzle sapizzle velizzle, nizzle volutpizzle, suscipizzle shizznit, bizzle vizzle, bling bling. Pellentesque bow wow wow tortor. Sizzle erizzle. Mah nizzle izzle dolizzle dapibizzle turpizzle tempizzle shizznit. Maurizzle pellentesque nibh pizzle turpizzle. Its fo rizzle izzle for sure. Get down get down mofo rhoncus uhuh ... yih!. In hac check out this black dictumst. Donec dapibizzle. Curabitizzle tellus urna, pretium , mattizzle ma nizzle, eleifend vitae, nunc. Funky fresh suscipit. Owned sempizzle velizzle shiz my shizz.

Shiz my shizz is right, yo. Word.


The solution for when it smells fishy

Confession: I am not a scented candle person.

I tried, at one point in my life, to be the kind of person who keeps lit scented candles around the house, but it just wasn't for me. So I'm pretty sure we don't have very many--if any--candles in the house.

Fast forward to Monday night, when we had deeeee-lish crab cakes for dinner. The price we paid for all that deeee-liciousness was that the house smelled like fish. Insert wishing for scented candles.

So today, on the obligatory post-preschool trip to Target (You guys, it's like right around the corner from the intern's preschool. Every week, it taunts me), I went in search of a candle. Lucky for me, I didn't have to search far: picking up some of my new favorite hand soap (Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena), I noticed a display of Mrs. Meyers soy candles. Perfect.

You guys, I love this candle. The scent isn't overpowering at all, but it was enough to get rid of the lingering fish smell (yes, days later it still smells like fish. I think that crab cake type of deeee-liciousness needs to be strictly restaurant-only). I kept it lit for a few hours this afternoon, alternating between the kitchen and the dining/living room, and now my house smells faintly of orange-clove. If you were to walk in my door right now, it certainly wouldn't smack you upside the head. Which is exactly what I was looking for in a scented candle.

Plus, you know, the whole soy-all-natural thing it's got going on. Says the Mrs. Meyers website:

Our products combine hardworking, naturally occurring ingredients and essential oils that are tough on dirt, yet gentle on your home and the earth. Biodegradable and packaged in recyclable bottles, our products are ammonia-, chlorine bleach-, paraben- and phosphate-free; they are never tested on animals.

It's a win/win.


Fall into color

A few weeks ago, my pal Marcy and I took a day off to shop. No kids, no soccer, no crazy Saturday chores and activities, just her and I, and Woodbury Commons (Oh, and our credit cards).

It was a great day. We filled up her car with lots and lots of fun goodies (and found a ton of great deals). Since I'm a sucker for a good fall color palette, I thought I'd share some cool color inspiration that I found.

First up, a fun dress from Banana Republic (that did not come home with me):

I love everything about this; from how the everything pops against the charcoal gray background, to the bright, almost unexpected fall color palette. Nice, especially with the chartruese.

Next, a bag from Coach (that just happened to sneak in with all my stuff. "Oh, look at that, Mattio! A stray bag! Well we have to take it in and give it a good home--it's getting cold outside, and we just can't LEAVE it."):

Love, love, love pretty much everything about this. The colors are great: orange! Teal! Plum! Chartruese! Fabulous.

So, in the name of color research... Marcy, when's our next trip??


Friday LOLs

If you had a website, and it was called Good Design Advice, it'd probably be... well, a website with some good design advice. But drop an F-bomb between Good and Advice, and you've got something pretty f**king funny.


Including such gems as:

Learn from other f**king disciplines.

Remove your f**king widows.

Use a f**king color scheme.

Good advice? Absolutely. Funny? You f**king bet.



The internet is a lovely place, no? Without it, I wouldn't have seen:

Jason Santa Maria's Candygrams: specifically, the fancy candy-type by Jessi Arrington. With special behind the scenes coverage here.

Jim's Pancakes: Dude seriously needs to come over and make me breakfast. My kids might like it, too. Although, that's setting the pancake bar kind of high. Maybe he should just come over and make pancakes for me.

Kate. Spade. Bedding: WANT.

27b/6: I don't know who this guy is, but his ridiculous emails crack me up. Lucky for all of us, there's plenty of stupid people willing to banter with him.

Thank you internet. Thank you.


friday LOLs

I can't think of a better title for an embarrassing celebrity photo website than "The Internet Never Forgets" (except for the url: fire your agent. Brills).

Because it doesn't. Right, Jared Leto (EDIT 8/28/13: there used to be an embarrassing photo of Jared Leto here, but, instead of firing his agent he just got someone from his team to annoy me enough to take the photo down. 3 years later. There. It's down. Are you happy?)?


Go on with your bad self. No really, go on. You're bad.

So, a few weeks ago, iTunes 10 was released, along with a new icon. If you follow my twitter stream, the new icon may as well have been tarred and feathered. Actually, it was so reviled, that someone started an @itunes10icon twitter account defending the new design; and in the beginning, it was hilarious.

Then, last week, a new minor league hockey team was announced: the Connecticut Whale, which hinted at a throwback to the old Hartford Whalers team. Could the logo possibly be as cool? Me thinks not.

Finally, today. I get a fancy email saying I get an additional 30% off at the Gap, so I'm so there. But the logo is different--weird, even. There's this weird blue box... ? This can't be right. Can it? It is?? What???

What is going on here, people??? What is this logo badness that is going on??? The iTunes icon, to be honest, I'm kind of ambivalent about. It's not great, but eh. But that CT Whale logo--and now the Gap??? What is happening? And worse, who is letting this happen???


I know it's too early to be blogging about penguin plates

Alright, I know. I KNOW. It's October 4th. Barely October, for the love. But I am sorry, friends; it is so fa-reezing out, that I actually had to put on the heat. After I put on a long sleeve tee shirt AND heavy sweater. And drank hot tea like we're going to run out. Today is the first real chilly day of fall, and in honor of the cold, I am sharing these adorable penguin plates from West Elm:

I know it is too early. I complain about people like me. But my heat is on, therefore I can totally identify with the little guys. So today, October 4th, you guys get penguin plates.



Friday LOLs

The only thing this Oatmeal comic about working from home vs. working in an office is missing, is the kids.

Happy Friday, and weekend everybody!


I prematurely posted today. I just came across this gem: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon rap... well, rap history. Awesome.