The internet loves bacon

I am a sort-of vegetarian by choice: I don't like meat. Taste, texture, smell, it's all just gross to me. Aside from chicken, which I started eating when I got pregnant with my second child (which makes me a sort-of vegetarian, rather than full-fledged), I haven't had meat in over 15 years. I could go another 15 and believe me, I won't miss a thing.

There are specific meats and meat-based products that really gross me out; and bacon, my friends, is one of them. The problem is, I married a guy, who--you guessed it--loves bacon. You know who else loves bacon? Everybody else. Seriously, bacon is all over the internet.

There is a site--which I have ordered from (for guess who)--called Bac'n. Aside from the obvious, they also sell bacon-flavored popcorn, coffee and hot sauce, to name a few. There's bacon-scented candles, bacon wallets, bacon air fresheners, band-aids, toothpicks, and gum.

Elsewhere on the internets, there's bacon lunch boxes (thank, Amy!), bacon lip balm, bacon mints, bacon t-shirts, bacon everything. Last week, on a favorite blog, there was bacon jam. People, there is bacon CHOCOLATE.

Why? Why all this bacon? I mean, I get that people like bacon. But I like ice cream, and I know a lot of other people like ice cream, too. But there's no ice cream wallets, or t-shirts, or candles (that I know of. But all good ideas!). Seriously people, why bacon?



This year I'm thankful for all of the usual things: my family and friends, our health, all the things we take for granted, like food, clothes, a roof over our heads... I'm also thankful for my business, and my super awesome, I-couldn't-do-it-without-you clients. I'm truly thankful that I love what I do for a living. I get paid to create--it's my passion in life; not many people can say that.

I'm really thankful for everyone that reads this blog. Thank you all for continuing to come back.

I hope your holiday is filled with loved ones, laughter, and good cheer. Happy Thanksgiving, blogosphere!


If I were a seatbelt commercial...

Because this season, there's a ton of people out on the roads. Because someone cares about you. Because it's the law.

There's a million reasons why you should buckle up when getting in a car. This commercial does a fabulous job of illustrating the why-should-I's, without coming across as preachy or scary.

The bonus is that it's simple message can be translated across the globe. Beautiful.

(You might want to grab a tissue for this one):

Blank walls no more!

If you're new to the blog, you should know that this past year we renovated our house. Now we have pretty new walls just dying to be adorned with some fun art. I have my eye on some great pieces I've found via my pal Cyndy over at art + interiors, as well as 20 x 200, Room & Board, and even etsy.

And then, yesterday, I stumbled across these adorable posters for the interns' room:

I might just bite the bullet and get all 4, because they are just so adorable. The illustrations are too cute, and I love the empowering messages.

(via jezebel)


Adorableness wrapped around your phone

Another week, another trip back to the altar of all things kate spade to spend a little time gushing...

This time, it's over iphone cases. When I first got my iphone, I opted for a plain black case. Fishing around for my phone in my bag a few times indicated that that was a mistake. Enter cute, hot pink kate spade iphone case. Now my iphone is easily spotted, and adorable.

Just yesterday though, some new ks iphone cases were unveiled (and a blackberry case, but--sorry BB users--really. I'm sure you'll agree that the iphone cases are much more adorable). Seriously, how much do I love these (especially the rotary phone one):

Cute, cute, cute. Add one of these to my Christmas list...


Friday LOLs

Another present from the internet: Should be on the Nanny.

Yup, this would be a site devoted to putting Fran Drescher's (as the Nanny) head on runway models' bodies. Since runway clothes are not your everyday clothes; and, let's be honest here, the Nanny was not into wearing everyday clothes (oh, and this show happened in the 90s), it's a match made in awesome.


Fashion + math =

I love fashion. I hate math. However, what a mashup these two create when blended together!

Ladies and gents, meet Fashematics. It's a little hard to describe (photo + photo = fashion photo, is the best I can come up with), so I'll let the following picture from their site do the talking:

I think this is math I can definitely get behind.


Oh. Yuck.

Blech. Blech. Blech.

Just yesterday, I was raving--raving!--about holiday windows in a Free People store. For those not in the know, Free People is an offspring of Urban Outfitters. Also under that corporate umbrella is anthropologie.

So let's just take a minute to go to the anthro website. Go ahead, I'll wait.

If you've ever been in an anthro store (ed. note: love!), you'll see that the site definitely fits the brand. Now let's visit Free People. Again, it's very fitting for the FP brand.

So, have you been to the Urban Outfitters site lately? I'm not encouraging it. Seriously, don't say I didn't warn you--you may need to wash your eyes out after.

Seriously, I get the ironic "bad on purpose" thing they've got going on, but my God, is it bad. Like, there's bad on purpose, and then there's just BAD. This might have been done on purpose, but it is BAD. And it doesn't even go with the brand. I get the UO is kind of quirky, a little mainstream-hipster-ish, if you will. But this is like MS Paint, circa 1991. And there was nothing--NOTHING--good about that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I totally have to go wash my eyes out. Maybe with a little kate spade...


Let it (paper cut out) snow

Speaking of holiday windows (as I did last week), I was down on Greenwich Avenue recently and I came across this fab window in the Free People store:

Ignore the fact that it's definitely not the best photo I've taken (hey, I was on my way to a meeting in a cafe I couldn't find, but I ran the risk of being late to snap this photo. As I tell my kids, you get what you get and you don't get upset). Let's instead focus on the awesome snowflakes with the pop of fluorescent orange: love. I'm a sucker for paper snowflakes anyway, and these just made my heart skip a little.

I've never been inside the store, but judging from the window, it looks small. But way to make use of the space you have (notice that no other store's window stopped me in my tracks).


Friday LOLs

If you have any type of Apple gadget with a key pad, you are probably very familiar with auto-correct. Especially auto-correcting words like "ooooohhh" for "poopy" (true auto-correct story).

Oh, Apple. You're so cute.

Most the times, if you're sending an auto-corrected message, the receiver knows what you meant, and has a good laugh. Well, now we can all laugh, thanks to damnyouautocorrect.com.

Yup, finally there is a website dedicated to auto-correct's bizarre version of ESP. The site is just a series of iphone/ipod screenshots, with the silly auto-correct blunder. Most all end with some version of, "stupid auto-correct."


Another post where I gush about kate spade

There are few things I love in this world so much, that it's borderline obsessive: shoes (obvs) and handbags are among those things--specifically, kate spade shoes and handbags.

The kate spade brand does a great job of being quirky, fun and classic at the same time. I have ks bags and shoes that are embarrassingly old, that I still use to this day (of course, it's always fun to add to that collection, too). So when I heard that the company was publishing a book (!!!) and it's based on the fun "things we love" section of their site (!!!!), how could I resist?

There's a great interview with ks president Deborah Lloyd and Ed Miller, who oversaw the printing, over at Felt & Wire. For print nerds (and, I suppose, sugar junkies) like me, it's like extra icing on the cake of awesome. Fun book, with some background on the different printing techniques?

I'll take 2. One in purse form, please.


Say what?

Folks, did you know that this is a sentence:

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Right? It's not just me--you're totally perplexed by this too, right (please say you are. Please.)?

Yeah, I am no longer questioning my grammar. Ever.


Bergdorfs, blogs, and beautiful windows

OK, first: Bergdorf's has a blog?? Can we talk about how I did NOT know this? I suspect Mattio is behind my lack of knowledge in the Bergdorf's blog department.

Second: Hello. Not only do they have a blog, but could I just love the type treatment a little more? I think not. Gorgeous.

Third (the point of this post):Holiday windows are coming! Holiday windows are coming!

When I was a child, every year in December my family would make a pilgrimage to New York City to do the holiday tourist thing: the tree at Rockefeller Center, the Christmas Show at Radio City, and the windows. Oh, the windows! From Saks to Lord & Taylor to Bloomies, we did it year after (freezing cold) year.

So, being that we are approaching that time of year, Bergdorf's blog has let us know that the curtains are up, and the visual team is hard at work on their always-spectacular windows. They've got some photos of year's past, and are planning to release a limited edition Windows at Bergdorf Goodman book (for--gulp--$500).

While I love the idea of a Bergdorf's Windows book, I'm all for a $20 train ticket in my warmest down parka to see the real thing, thankyouverymuch.


Friday LOLs

OK, a couple of things:

1. I love Mad Men. I am a full on Mad Men junkie. It is consistently the best written and acted show on television these days. Unfortunately, that bar isn't very high; but it's shows like Mad Men that give me hope.

2. Jon Hamm=swoon.

3. The following clip isn't really funny, so much as it's swoon-worthy. Jon Hamm, as Don Draper, saying What. That's all. Just showing his range, with one single word. Did I mention swoon (oh, except for that last one. Definitely not swooning there)?


Cake and presents! Cake and presents!

3 years ago today, I was having a baby:

A baby that would grow up to be known to the blogosphere as the intern.

Hard to believe that 3 years has come and gone so fast. Happy birthday, intern! Before you know it, she'll be old enough to give me design advice, for real (instead of her usual, "Make it rainbow." Which, you know what? Sometimes works.)