Unleash your inner Pollock (without the mess)

Ashlee discovered Jackson Pollock in elementary school; ever since then, she's been after me to recreate one of his paintings. My excuse was, once the weather gets warm, you can do it in the yard. Well, warm weather came and went, and she (and I) forgot all about it. But every once in a while, she'll be reminded of just how cool it would be to drip paint on a canvas; and on those occasions my answer is always the same: In the warmer weather, in the backyard.

Well now she doesn't have to wait. Discovered via a friend's status on Facebook, you can now unleash your inner abstract artist--very neatly, I might add:

Madeline and I made this one tonight--and, might I add, she (and I) just thought it was the. coolest. thing. ever. Go here to make your own--just drag your mouse across the screen, click to change colors.

And no having to wash the paint off your hands (or carpet!).


sarawithnoh said...

DD and I read Olivia and she re-creates a Pollock on her bedroom wall. Unfortunately, DD finds this hysterical. I will have to try the paint in the yard this summer but for now we will definitely be visiting the site you posted.

tracie valentino said...

Yes--my 5 year old loves Olivia and finds it very funny that she tries to re-create Pollock in her bedroom. This is definitely much, much, MUCH less messy (and very theraputic, I might add!)