Weekly wrap up

Well my goodness, I've been a little neglectful, haven't I? No weekly wrap up last week, a whole week in between posts... You'd think I was somebody important... somebody who has stuff going on!

Needless to say, it's been a tad busy here at HQ. But it's all good; I've got lots of fun stuff going on. Let's get to it:

--One Kid. What aren't I doing for them? (Just kidding guys! :) Catalog, hang tags, advertisements, posters... You name it, they need it and I design it. Catalog is going to the printer's tomorrow--yipee!

--Christy Murray. Met with her and her hubby last week to go over some logo colors. It was an awesome meeting (I pretty much floated back down to Fairfield). Just waiting to hear on the final colors she chose.

--HB Home. Working on website development.

--Saturnia. Waiting for OK on store signage.

--Greenwich Dance Studio. Had a great phone meeting last week with Kate, she's loving the site thus far and just had a couple of minor changes, so I worked on those and I'll get them to her this afternoon, if all goes well.

--Hospital for Special Surgery. I finished the Activity Guide I was working on, and started sketches for a new orthopedic logo.

Personally, I had an incredibly busy weekend: Friday night I took Ashlee and her friend Molly (see girls, I'm blogging about you!) to see Sara Bareilles, Counting Crows, and Maroon 5 up in Hartford. It was a fun show, the girls had a great time, right up until the end when I lost my phone. Ugh, what a nightmare that was. But my faith in humanity was restored first thing Saturday morning, when Tom from West Hartford called to say that he had my phone, and was even so nice as to charge it for me! Yay!

Saturday I spent the day driving around CT to get my phone. But Saturday night, I went out for drinks with my friend Steph, who found me on Facebook, and Sara, and we. Had. A. Blast. We all used to work together many moons ago, and it was so much fun remembering all of the fun, strange people we worked with/were friends with back then.

By Sunday, I was spent. But I went on, working most the day. This week I plan on finishing up some more projects, and blogging more often, I promise! Have a great week!

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