This morning, while Eleanor was finishing up breakfast, I took a look at the business section of the Times (yeah, that's right, I'm not 100% shoes and fluff--OK, I mostly am. Read on...). The front page below the fold story that caught my eye is the one titled, Show Skewers Martha Stewart, With Her Blessing.

OK, my interest is piqued.

It's seems there's going to be a whole show built around Martha's daughter Alexis, and her Sirius show partner Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, viewing 1990s-era Martha Stewart Living clips, and providing a running commentary, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000 (sidebar: I LOVE MST3K!!! When it was done right, it was, by far and away, the funniest show on television). The show will be called Whatever, Martha!, and will be on the Fine Living Channel (this is a nice piece of press for that channel, as well--I've never even heard of it).

I am kind of excited for this.

I like Alexis Stewart's Sirius show--unfortunately I don't listen to it much as it's not exactly PG; and when it's on, the passengers in my car usually are.

But I really like the fact that this show was Martha's idea (actually inspired by MST3K), and it really sounds like it could be funny. From the Times:

"Along with their running commentaries, the two women occasionally try to complete tasks that Martha Stewart demonstrates in the old episodes. Predictably, Alexis Stewart has little trouble keeping up, while Ms. Koppelman Hutt, whose skills do not include cooking or cleaning, stumbles along as the everywoman.

“In one episode, Martha is showing people how to properly whittle a twig to roast a marshmallow,” said Ms. Koppelman Hutt. “That is screamingly funny. The woman is actually whittling a twig. I mean, who does that?”

Alexis Stewart, on the other hand, defended her mother. “We always whittled at our house,” she responded. “What’s so unusual about that?”"

'Nuff said.

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