Hello, coffee table

In the world's quest to make me poor, fate has gone and opened a Crate and Barrel down the road in Westport. The store actually opened just last week, so we got all kinds of happy inserts/mail/catalogs/etc. saying, "Happy happy joy! Crate and Barrel in Westport! Come visit us! We loooooooooooove you, Ms. Tracie Valentino!"

(I know, who can resist a little CB love?)

I confess: I haven't been yet (Look at me and my willpower!), however, I have a feeling that once I do go to the store, should they have this table in stock, I might just be less $900 or so. You win again, fate.

Oh, what's that? It looks like an ordinary coffee table? Oh, I might have forgotten to mention that it's not just a coffee table, it's the Alpha Coffee Table, "inspired by a Paris flea market find, then designed exclusively for us by a London graphic designer with a penchant for, and a large personal collection of, antique printers' blocks."

God, I love stuff like this (truth be told, I'd love it that much more had I found it somewhere like a Paris flea market. Shhhh, don't tell Crate and Barrel). I love all things to do with printing, the more old-school the better. So a table inspired by antique printers' blocks flies high on my radar.

(Although I think I could do without that hideous rug beneath it.)


Becky said...

Have you seen the Lorem Ipsum Cafepress store? Just wondering...
So, C&B is open, is it? I may have to take a look.

tracie valentino said...

I have seen the Lorem Ipsum Cafepress store! I like the t-shirts.

I still have not made it down to CB... and might not for a while, as I just found out that kate spade is opening an outlet in Clinton. And ks trumps CB any day! :)