Weekly wrap up

Ahhhh... this week was such a break from the madness that was the past few weeks. What's been going on? Let's get to it:

--finished up and sent the One Kid catalog to the printer (this took up a big chunk of my week). Next week I'll be stressing over colors and proofs, as well as working on ads and new hangtags.

--Christy Murray finalized her logo (unveiling next week...)

--Hospital for Special Surgery: worked on some more logo sketches.

On a personal note, back to school fever in my house has reached an all-time high, as this is the first September I am sending two kids to school. We were very busy making school supply purchases, as well as getting new clothes and shoes (Madeline, who's apple did not fall far from her mother's tree, is already after me to wear her new shoes. In her words, she "just. can't. wait.").

This weekend, after having to work the past 5 or 6, I plan on relaxing. We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow, but other than that, not much is on the agenda. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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