Eleanor's conquest

Our baby, Eleanor, is 10 months old. As mobile 10 month old babies are wont to do, she gets into EVERYTHING. Her latest thing is trying to get into the refrigerator to grab at the wine housed in a Pellegrino bottle on the bottom shelf of the door. Mind you, there's also a jar of mayonnaise, as well as a tub of maple syrup on that shelf.

But she just heads for the wine. Every time.

Each time she hears the fridge door open, she tears into the kitchen to try and worm her way in before we shut the door. The other day, I just left the door open and caught her on camera:

The wine! She left the door open, and now it's mine! I can't believe my luck!

I'll just grab it and go...

Hmmm, maybe it'll work better if I stand up and take it.

Man, this stuff is heavy!

If I could just bring it to my lips...

Wait--what's that clicking sound? Oh snap! I got caught!

Let me act all innocent and cute--this works every time!

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