Weekly wrap up

It's been ever so busy here at traciedesigns HQ, so let's get down to business:

--Got some (really positive--yipee!) feedback from Christy Murray re: her logo. Worked on some minor round 2 some revisions.

--Worked on a site design for my pal Josh.

--Designed some posters for One Kid.

--Mentally prepared myself for laying out the One Kid catalog (see weekly wrap up next week).

--Worked on some changes for the Hospital for Special Surgery Activity Guide.

--Had a pretty cool meeting with a potential new client: a photographer who is switching careers and becoming a stylist.

--Worked on finishing Marcy's American Indian mouseovers (I am now a walking encyclopedia on most things Native American. No, really).

--Worked on site designs for Greenwich Dance Studio.

--I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook, and found 11 or so friends.

--But most importantly, I spent the equivalent of college tuition--private college, mind you--at Starbucks this week. Oh, and by the by, Ashlee has discovered the Frappaccino. So basically I'll be setting up some kind of Paypal donation site, because at the rate we're going, it won't be my shoe habit that brings us down--it'll be $4.00 glorified milkshakes.

This weekend, I've got work plans. Depending on how much I get done, Mattio and I may head on down to Yankee Stadium on Sunday for a date (long overdue!), hopefully to watch the Yanks win! Every time I go to the stadium this year--and I've been fortunate enough to go to several games--I think it's my last time, and I get a little verklempt leaving. That said, I just realized that it will be neither shoes nor coffee does us in, it will be mine and Mattio's quest to purchase some kind of stadium memorabilia (I'd take bleacher seats... ya know, if I had to).

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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ZoesMom said...

So glad you guys got to see the Yanks win!