Yesterday I met with new clients in Greenwich. To get home, I had to take a ride down Greenwich Avenue (no really, I had to!), which may as well be Mecca to me. All I really have to say is the street is home to kate spade, and that should speak volumes.

Anyway, I'm riding down Greenwich Avenue, at a relatively slow pace (which I don't mind) because of the traffic. Long story shot, out of the corner of my eye I see a car pulling out of a spot just to my left--I was next to him, so it wasn't like there was room for me to stop and let him out. But the car didn't see it that way and kept pulling out, narrowly missing my car. The car, btw, was a Rolls Royce. Only in Greenwich, people.

Also, I'm starting to get quite a few clients down from the Greenwich area... I thought about it on the way home, and it really makes sense to look the part. Designer clothes, purses, shoes... I mean, you wouldn't hire an overweight personal trainer, would you (roll with me, in my mind, this all makes sense)? So I guess the real question is: Can I expense kate spade?


Mattio Valentino said...


ZoesMom said...

I say yes, definitely! :-)

tracie valentino said...

Yay! I knew Marcy would be looking out for me :)