If You Give a Shoe Addict Some Shoes...

I bought flip flops today--2 pairs (oh my gosh, I am giddy just typing that! One was your basic rubber model, but the other was the prettiest pair of Coach leather flip flops, with a fun rainbow pattern on the sole. Oh, I know, like you care... but it was very fun and exciting for me)! And as I tried them on, I looked down at my toes, and boy, do I need a pedicure. I wanted to go get one, so badly--but common sense got the better of me (I had no time to spare, never mind an hour + to sit and relax... but oh, a girl can dream. Never mind the fact that it's still February--OK, almost March, and noone is going to see my toesies for at least another couple of months).

Thinking of my flip flops and almost pedicure made me think of warm, sunny weather.

Oh summer, where art thou?


ZoesMom said...

Coach flip flops sound fantastic! They have been doing some really cute shoes lately. I am so ready for some flip flop weather. My toes need air -- and a pedicure.

tracie valentino said...

well then I definitely see a lunchtime pedicure in our future!