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The internet is, at times, both a blessing and a curse. Like right now, I am supposed to be working. Oh, I have pah-lenty of work to do, don't you worry. But here I am, writing a blog post. Allow me to explain how I got here:

I am working on a couple of different logo projects. One, in particular, doesn't necessarily have me in a stump, but it's more challenging than I had anticipated (it's still way fun--don't get me wrong--it's just requiring a lot more creativity than I had expected.). I can't even tell you how I got there, but somehow, I ended up on design*sponge (which is a pretty awesome site, btw. I loooove the design of the page, not to mention all the pretty items they feature). On the side, they have a list of links. Since I'm online, looking to get inspired, I click on several of these links. All of the sudden, I've got 30 different tabs open, in hopes that one of them contains some kind of awesome idea to spark my imagination.

I came across several interior design sites. Hmmm... nope, no inspiration there. Then one of my clicks leads me to a graphic designer's site (I love her bio, btw: she ends it with, "I like design. I like helping people. I like making people happy when the design I create accomplishes what they’d hoped." Amen, sister--truer words have never been spoken). Inneresting, but not quite my cup o' tea. A couple more blogs, some more links on the side... 30 more tabs open. Oh, it's a vicious circle.

But then, I come across this gem, and I realized that this is why the internet is just plain awesome: Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle (political disclaimer: I voted for Hillary. I was very, very very unsure when it came down to her vs. Barack; but in the end, I thought she was the better candidate. I still go back and forth).

So anywho... Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle is awesome. I don't know who made up this site, but I like the idea that Barack Obama made up my bed. Refresh. Oh! He mailed me a valentine! Refresh. Barack Obama baked me a pie--awesome. Refresh. Now he has a balloon for me. Keep refreshing. It's so stupid, it's great.

I am still uninspired. But now I am uninspired 2 hours later, and laughing about it. Thank you, internet.

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utenzi said...

Design sponge is a great site. I bookmarked them a while back and visit every so often. I think I first found them when looking for ideas regarding window films.