Up for a challenge

Whew! It's been a whirlwind week, to say the least. I've been crazy busy (which is a good thing!), and even a printing debacle (seriously, the worst. printer. ever. But more on that in a sec) couldn't hold me down.

Last week I got new clients that challenged me to get creative--fast (alright, they didn't challenge me, that was my own doing on accepting the project). They needed a logo, brochure (simple trifold) and business card in 6 days--could I do it? Challenge accepted.

Here's the logo I came up for their "Facial Enhancement" (Botox/Restylane) biz:

I'd show you the logo, but Blogger's sucking right now.

Clean, simple and elegant; exactly what they asked for. I was pretty happy with the brochure and card design, as well--however, due to the time constraints, I wasn't able to go to one of the printers I usually work with. Instead, I had to go with a less reliable (and less expensive--for a reason) storefront shop. On such a tight deadline, we had little room for mistakes, especially one that required printing the whole project over, like this one. Oh, the nightmare! They originally printed from the pdf files I provided, even after I specifically told them that the pdfs were for placement only. Then they accused me of not having the artwork to back up the original files (ummm, mister? Why don't you open that disc up and show me which file isn't on there? Yeah, that's what I though...) Long story short, the whole mess could have been avoided had they provided me with a proof--which they never did. I hope they learned a lesson, I know I sure did.

Fortunately, the printer covered their butt and made good on printing newer, cleaner versions of most of the materials. But man, what a headache!

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