Old School

When I went to art school, it was the dawn of the age of the Mac. I remember the first version of Photoshop I ever learned was 3.0 (I think there were all of 8 tools, and the History Palette was quite a ways away, at that point).

However, I went to Old School Art School, and before we got on the computer, we had to learn layout the "old fashioned" way: using rubber cement, waxers, stat cameras, rubylith, etc. We used relics such as french curves, non-photo blue pens, and Pro-white. Looking back, I have no idea why we were forced to take such a dated class--the computer was obviously the way graphic design was headed--perhaps our teachers wanted us to appreciate the how easy we had it. Lord knows if graphic design still involved paste-ups today, I think I would have gone into an entirely different profession altogether.

But I did get a major chuckle out of this: The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies.

It brought me right back to college--I can still smell the stink of marker from my advertising class. I'm sure somewhere--perhaps in my basement, maybe in my parent's attic--there is a shoebox full of forgotten supplies, such as rubber cement, rubber cement remover, charcoal blenders and Rapidograph pens. I know I definitely still have my Letraset book--an encyclopedia of fonts (if there was more than 100, that was a lot). My, how the times have changed!

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utenzi said...

I only date back to Photoshop 5 in the computer world but I'd done plenty of work with Burmesters, rub-on lettering and stat cameras before that. Computers were a godsend!