It's winter (finally!)

Yesterday Mother Nature called southwestern Connecticut and said, "Hello! Here's a friendly reminder that it's a) February, and b) you live in New England!"

Yes, it snowed for the better part of the day; so to celebrate the first storm of the year, I put down my mouse and tried my hand at environmental design--snow fort-building, to be exact.

When I was a child, we grew up on a side street that you only drove down if you lived on it. So when it snowed (which was all winter long), we would build snow forts in the drifts that the plows made next to the driveway, and have snowball fights across the street. Unfortunately, we don't live on that kind of street now, so the girls and I took to the backyard, building fortresses out of the wet, packable snow. It was Ashlee and her friend versus Madeline and myself (really just me, as she was much more interested in eating the snow, falling down in the snow, and teasing Ashlee and her friend that our fort was better, as 4 year olds are wont to do).

We had a grand old time, until the girls got tired (and here I was doing most the work!). We retired our wet outerwear to the mudroom and came inside and had some hot cocoa--the perfect end to the perfect winter day.

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