Supah Bowl

Unfortunately, due to circumstance, I did not get to watch most of last nights game (circumstance being work, and 3 kids :) When I was working (during the fourth quarter), I did have it on in the background--along with explicit instructions from Mattio just to keep doing what I was doing, don't get up from that position (as the Giants were pulling off some amazing plays, and we're the superstitious sort)!

I have to admit, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to football. There's so much to remember--and it's only on once a week, for something like 16 weeks--I drive Mattio nuts asking all kinds of questions. And, being the ad chick that I am, my interest in the big game was geared less towards the actual game and more towards the advertisements--which, the few I saw, were not 3.2 million dollars outstanding. There were some chucklers, but nothing truly groundbreaking (although I missed what Mattio described as some pretty funny e-trade commercials).

And I'm super bummed I missed Tom Petty, as I'm a huge fan. I love love love that the NFL (or whoever makes the halftime entertainment decisions) has been going a little more old school with entertainment the past few years: no Diddy, Beyoncé, Miley Cirus, etc... which is just fine by me (although I think we all have Janet Jackson to thank for that--I think Tom Petty's breast is a little less offensive--maybe :)

So anyway, yay! Giants!

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