Getting it right

Yesterday I got a haircut--something like 6 inches chopped off (it was long overdue). I also got some new highlights (oooh la la!) so I was feeling pretty good. But what made me feel that much better was not only the superb service I got at the salon, but how my new hairdresser got me. I went in with a picture in my mind of what I wanted--of course, the smart thing to do would have been to actually bring in the photo; but I found it on the internet, and I was afraid it would be too small/the color too bad to print out. Instead, Nicole, my new favorite hairdresser, got my bumbled "Do you watch Project Runway? I like Nina Garcia's color. Remember when Jennifer Aniston cut off all her hair? That's the haircut I want" explanation. Not only did she get what I was saying, but she walked me through the entire color process, and brought swatches out and held them against my head, so I could see how the highlights would blend with my natural color. Being in a business where I sometimes have to visualize what people are trying to say, I appreciated her that much more.

This was only the second time I have ever been to this particular salon (Kate and Company, in Fairfield--it's actually fairly new). Nicole cut my hair last time, and even though it was just a trim she did a fantastic job. Plus, I'm a sucker for the small business. Not only that, but it's right at the end of our road (convenient) in a real up and coming part of town. So naturally, I went back. And I am so glad I did.

AND, their phenomenal customer service rocks--while my color was setting, I got a fantastic Aveda hand scrub massage that left my hands feeling brand new (who needs People magazine when you get that!). When I left, they even gave me a parting gift, a sample size of the yummy smelling hand massage lotion (in a bag with their business card--smart). I love it!

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