Logo Lounge Master Series Book 4: Typography and Enclosures.

See that book title up there? Yeah, I'm totally going to be in it.


I can't even begin to tell you guys how totally thrilled I was when that email showed up. Aside from the fact that it is a HA-YOOOOOOGE honor to have one's work selected for inclusion in ANY of the books put out by Logo Lounge, the email was perfectly timed. Friday afternoon, a file that I had been struggling with all week long crashed, and--to add insult to injury--corrupted.

Yep, I was starting from scratch.

So Saturday morning, I locked myself in my office, and started working. When I heard the PING! of my email, I was so unfocused on the annoying task at hand that I immediately checked--and boy, am I glad I did. Because upon seeing the words

You are receiving this email because your logos have been selected to be in Master Book 4.

I immediately forgot all my woes and did the happiest of happy dances.

While there isn't a ton of info on this Master Library book, previous versions have included "...3,000 outstanding very focused logo designs from the LogoLounge.com database..."

Dude. Outstanding. Very focused.

OK, OK, enough of my rambling. Which logo was selected?

Well Written is a logo I did for a company started by an independent writer/editor.

I am so BEYOND psyched to be published in this book (in case you couldn't tell), I can't even begin to describe it. Time to start celebrating!

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