Amy Butler fabrics.

Remember, last week, how I was all, I don't sew, or anything of the sort? Well, because of that, I never have the need to purchase fabric. Like, never.

However, we have these dining room chairs, and the off-white fabric that they came upholstered in is no longer off-white (and a little sidebar here: Seriously? WHAT were we thinking, getting chairs with off-white fabric?? It's like we were brain dead the day we decided that off-white + kids was a good idea. OK, rant over)--actually, they kind of look a little Jackson Pollock-y, what with all the stains and spatters. But not in a cool Jackson Pollock-y way; more like a sad, dingy Jackson Pollock. So, you know, time to re-cover them and make them pretty and fresh.

So, hello Amy Butler.

Holy cow these fabrics are great! I want to learn how to quilt, just so I can make amazing patterns with all of these designs (OK, not really. But now I want to find a quilter and art direct quilts--because I'm sure that's not annoying). But seriously--how fun! I've got my eye on 5 different patterns--which, coincidentally, look pretty great together, if I do say so (without me having planned it, either. In picking them out, I knew I wanted yellow, orange, or gray, or some combination of those):

If they look as great in the swatches as they do online, I might just go ahead an upholster each chair in a different fabric. Because, OMG, LOVE.

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