New obsession:


Holy cow, you guys, this site is awesome. Seriously: new. Favoritest. Site. Ever.

What is it? Take a design/inspiration board, and introduce it to tumblr, and throw in a little Twitter while you're at it.

Basically, you see a photo you like on the interwebs (just one more reason to hate on the Flash sites, though--you can't use it with a flash-based site), and "pin" it to a board. Your boards are categorized; and you can follow other users and re-pin what they've already pinned.

In other words: awesome.

As my neighbor--who introduced me to it--predicted, I can't get enough of it. I want to scour the internet for pretty things, just to pin them and categorize them all in one place.

Just when you thought the internet was awesome as it is, something like this comes along.

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