It's no secret that I totally judge books by their covers. So of course when I saw these beautifully-designed covers for Less Than Zero, and Imperial Bedrooms, all I could think was, who is this Bret Easton Ellis guy? I have to get my hands on his books!


Of course I know Bret Easton Ellis. But now I can't wait to reread Less Than Zero, American Psycho, and start reading the recently released Imperial Bedrooms. Iconic book designer Chip Kidd did these great covers to celebrate Less Than Zero's 25th anniversary.

Also of note: newly designed set of covers for Don DeLillo's books, by the super awesome Noma Bar. Love, love, love Noma Bar's simplistic, negative-space approach to everything he does, so it was no surprise that he had designed this:

You can check out the complete set of both author's books here at Creative Review.

So, if you're in my book club, and it's my turn to choose the book... don't be surprised if it's one of these classics.

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