New work:

Peggy Garbus.

Peggy is a Wilton-based portrait photographer--her work is gorgeous. Sit with her for a few minutes, and you will be completely at ease--it's easy to see her subjects feeling the same way.

Anywho, Peggy had an identity already, and was originally looking to update it. After a round or two of updates, we decided to just start over (which was way more fun! :)

After I designed this version, it occurred to me that it looked like an eye. I totally mean that I had that in mind when I designed this version, not after! (nervous laughter).

One of the things that struck me on Peggy's old logo, was the descenders for the Gs and Y in Peggy. They were all very similar, and as a designer, I wanted to fix that. I had a lot of fun coming up with this font, and the swirlies. Oh, how I love the swirlies!

We had also talked about maybe incorporating an icon or something--something that could be used in maybe a pattern?

More fun shapes and swirlies. Actually, these swirlies began in a font called Brownstone (YUM)

Taking Peggy's initials, and making them into a bottle cap-like stamp:

And finally, playing with the P and the G:

Ultimately, Peggy chose version 5--but we went through a lot of different fonts before coming up with this, the final logo:

I love the thought of Peggy using the PG bottle cap icon as a watermark on her photos--I think this logo is so versatile, and so very HER. I can't wait to see it in action!

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