I love the internet, and I love the convenience of ordering things off the internet, and having them delivered to me. Know what I don't love? This:

(and no, I'm not talking about the pants--but more on how adorbs those are in a sec)

So, package on the right: 2 toddler sized shirts, and 1 toddler sized pair of pants. Teeny tiny box, for teeny tiny clothes. Way to go, Gymboree!

Package on the left: not loving it so much. The only thing that came in it was the pictured envelope liner templates--yes, they are the width of the box, but what the photo isn't showing you is that A) they're about as thick as a piece of cardboard; and B) that box is 4.5" high (and filled with all sorts of plastic air pockets). For reals, they couldn't ship that in an envelope (I would imagine that the cost to ship an envelope would be less expensive as well)??

This isn't the first time this has happened. Over the holidays, I ordered gift cards, which cost me $5 to ship. And they came in a box. Gift cards. In a box. The silliness--and wastefulness--of it boggles my mind.

OK, now to the pants: seriously, how cute is the intern going to look in those fancy-pants! Adorable, right? Know what's not adorable? Wasteful packaging!

(OK, rant over)

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