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Sorry internet friends, this is yet another post that doubles as a love letter to my most favoritest social media application, like, ever.

Why? Why do I love the Twitter so, so much? Last Thursday, the answer became very clear to me in 3 distinct tweets.

Tweet #1: Oh Joy for Target:
Joy is a super cool graphic designer, who wrote a super cool book about being a graphic designer, as well as having a super cool blog that chronicles her super cool taste. Via Twitter, I found out that she has a line of notebooks coming out at Target. This is awesome because, obviously, I admire her style (and will be purchasing said notebooks), and also, because I follow her tweets, have read her book, and was genuinely happy to hear about her success.

Tweet #2: Alejandro Paul and the Daily Drop Cap:
I have professed my love of type designer Alejandro Paul before. His work is simply stunning, and I think Daily Drop Cap creator Jessica Hische (who I also have a design crush on) sums it up well when she says:

Ale makes fonts that designers love. They’ve got a lot of personality, are well crafted, and include all sorts of extra characters, ligatures, and swashes that make designing with them super fun. I cannot believe how prolific this man is. I don’t hesitate to direct people to his fonts (here’s a link to both veer and myfonts) when they approach me for lettering but have no budget or no time, his work is pretty much the next best thing to custom lettering.

Turns out that last week, Alejandro was the guest designer for her ongoing Daily Drop Cap project. LOVE.

Tweet # 3: Gary Hustwit appearing on Design Chat:
Design Chat is a weekly video conversation between host Ryan McGovern and an inspiring member of the design community. Past guests include the likes of Swiss Miss (Tina Roth Eisenberg), Debbie Millman and Sean Adams. Apparently, Ryan (and another Twitter friend, @gariphic) have been using Twitter to persuade the acclaimed Helvetica and Objectified producer to be on the show. Hustwit's response (via Twitter, of course)?

Okay okay, I give! But it's going to have to be sometime later this summer, okay? Cheers!

See that? Twitter totally brought them together!

Yes, to some people, Twitter is yet another way to broadcast what they had for lunch. But for me, it's a way to meet new people, and get information, especially about the creative community and things that I'm interested in.

Oh, Twitter, don't ever change.

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