Back from what I wish was a relaxing 3-day weekend, I figured that a post about workspaces would be appropriate (plus designsponge had a great post about them, so, you know...)

What wasn't relaxing about the long weekend was that I worked about 90% of it. But not work, work. No, this work was roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, manual labor work. See, we've been living in this state of... in between for quite some time now. We've moved in upstairs, and are enjoying the new addition and added space immensely. However, we're not done: we had no closet systems, no window treatments, and some furniture. Well, check two of those things off the list, because now we have blinds (on every window!), AND, Mattio and I have really great closet systems that, really? We should have been given awards for every. single. step. of putting those bad boys together. Hence the work part of the weekend.

But let's talk workspaces, shall we?

My office is nowhere near done; and from the looks of things, won't be for a while (I'm getting a new ceiling, and in the grand order of things, the sheetrockers and painters are usually last on the list). But I'm OK with the timeline, because it gives me lots of time to come up with and discuss great ideas with our super awesome interior designer, Catherine Avery.

We're already working with a bookcase from Ikea that we already own. It makes sense in my office, so we're building off of that. Here's a pic of the desk we found (at Ikea): I love the glass top--it's the type that won't make me nervous when the children go tearing through the office.

That's all the sneak peek of my office that I'm giving away for now... but in the meantime, you can drool along with me over at designsponge Best of Offices (part 1!!!). I love the diversity; my faves are Samantha Reitmayer's mirrored desk (love! Or maybe it's all those shoes that are distracting me); wonderfactory's super awesome orange wall; and Susanna's orange chair (swoon).

And if that's not enough workspace love for you, come play over at the Well-Appointed Desk. Peppered in the mix of cool desk accessories and supplies, are awesome workspaces. Their tagline rocks: "For the love of paper, office supplies and a lovely place to work." Love, (and lovely) indeed.

In the meantime, I'll be coming at you with some serious closet updates soon, as well as upcoming project fun. Oh, and I'm always, ALWAYS happy to see more workspace inspiration. Got some? Send it my way!

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Cathy said...

Ok. WHO is Susanna and where can we find her orange chair? You have to have that!
I still think orange ceiling is more hip than orange wall - just sayin'.
But if I can convince you to switch the sectional and the dining table then I know there's still hope.
Thanks for the mention Tracie. LOVE working with you!