That's a wrap

As the faithful know, the blog is the first thing to go once I get busy. Since it's been 10 days since my last post, you can probably imagine that I have been anything but bored. So what's been going on? Lots:

Fun stuff first: a few weeks ago, I was notified that 2 out of the 3 logos I entered in the Connecticut Art Directors Club Annual Awards Show won. The show itself, where winners were notified of what they actually won (gold, silver, or excellence), was last week. I didn't go, because--guess what?--I was working. However I am thrilled beyond belief to announce that both Miriam + Dee, and Objects Pamela Peterson both took home awards of excellence.


Work-wise (not that work's not fun--it totally is--but let's face it; winning awards is WAY more fun than working. Right?): I've been working on an ad template for award winners Miriam + Dee, as well as a blog design for award winner Objects Pamela Peterson. Pam's been very busy stocking up on blog posts, and if they're all like what she's been sending me, you'll definitely want to read her blog once it goes live. Don't worry--I'll keep you posted on that launch date.

I've also been working on a press kit design for Mindy's Meals on Heels--Mindy recently signed on with a PR firm that represents other Food Network stars... hopefully that leads to some serious Food Network face time for her as well!

I am also BEYOND excited for the relaunch of the art + interiors site: Cyndy and I go way, way (way) back, and she was one of my first clients. Her business has grown so much that she needed to adjust her website accordingly; she needed a whole content management system to make browsing her artwork that much easier. Since I'm all about making things pretty, and not so much the CMS side of things, we've been working with a great developer in the midwest who has taken my designs and run with them. I'll keep you posted on the big launch, and other big news that's on the horizon.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that my BFF is getting married, so of course I designed her invites (coming soon--I promise). That was so. much. fun, partly because I got to spend a decent amount of time in heaven--I mean, Kate's Paperie. And, you know, the whole best friend getting married thing :)

Projects to keep me busy this summer: I'm working on a few websites--one for a fashion designer, one for a mortgage broker, and one for a heavy metal band. The metal band should be interesting because I'm actually working with Mattio on that one, and well, if you know me at all... let's just say that while I enjoy a little Metallica during spin class, that's about the only place I'm listening to it. It should be great fun throwing myself into this musical genre--maybe I'll even tease my hair and look the part!

I promise to post the wedding invites in the next day or two...

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