If you've learned anything from this blog at all, it's that I love type. Pretty much all things fonts and letters. So when I get the chance to wear letters in jewelry form, I'm all for it.

Recently, I came across these awesome letters over on HOW Blog:

How adorable and fun. And at $25 a pop, it's affordable to buy numerous letters to spell words out (as suggested on HOW Blog). Check out By Boe.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Elsa Peretti's classic initials:

I love the gorgeous curves; and, on some letters, the non-obvious way they are designed. Beautiful. Available at the classic of all classics, Tiffany.

Then we have my new favorite, hand stamped letters from a parent at my daughter's school. Actually a friend of mine recently gave this necklace to me as a gift:

I love the handstamped charm. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Check out Simply Charmed.

Does anybody out there have any other favorite initial jewelry?

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