New logo: Medaille College

Quite some time ago, Sara with no H started commenting on my blog. She had a blog too, and so of course I went to check it out, and it's quite hysterical. I liked this Sara chick, and we quickly became blog comment friends.

Fast forward to early spring, and Sara needs a logo for work. She works for Medaille College, in upstate NY, and every year they have an alumni golf tournament, but also a dinner reception for those who don't golf (named after a former student). So they needed a logo that said golf and dinner, without coming across too much of either, and definitely not hoity toity (my words :)

First round presentation:

Versions 1 and 2:
Obviously playing with icons that say golf, dinner and good times. The second script-y font is not my favorite, but these are first rounds, and it's a work in progress.

More of a stamp approach:

Simple, and I get to use Archer! Dammit--I WILL design something using this most awesome font!

Kind of Palm Springs-y, but if I lived in upstate NY I wouldn dream of Palm Springs, too. The second version actually uses the icons for Medaille:

Definitely leaning towards the golf side:

Of course I had to throw simplistic in there--just because it's a logo for a golf tournament, doesn't mean it has to scream golf:

So what did Sara and her Medaille colleagues choose?

I played with the script and found something that was a nice playful/serious combination. In the meantime, totally fun project because hello? I got to talk to Sara beyond Facebook and our blogs. And it turns out that we have the same views on lots of things, including high fructose corn syrup based drinks, where to get your ears pierced, and cocktails vs. libations.

I knew I liked this girl for a reason. Thanks Sara!

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