New logo + new packaging=awesome for Tom's of Maine

Here at the Valentino house, we're all happy Tom's of Maine users. We have been for years. I'm a big fan of chemical free--well, anything, really; and, you know, Tom's has that whole natural thing going on. In short, we think Tom's rocks.

I didn't really think too much of the recently redesigned logo and packaging as I tossed some toothpaste into the Target cart (I know--in my defense, Target can be a little overwhelming. Especially with the children), but I really took note the other morning, when the 6 year old pointed it out:

"Mom, what kind of toothpaste is that?"

"Same kind I've been using for years."

"No it's not."

"Ummm... yes it is."

"It doesn't look the same."

Well thanks for pointing that out, kid.

Here's the new logo vs the old one:

It's kind of... kicky. It's very upbeat--I like the fact that it's rotated just enough, I like the stylized Tom's, and I think my only complaint is that instead of Natural Care, it now says Since 1970 (I guess if they've been around for 40 years, though, people should get that their whole schtick is all natural?)

Here's the old toothpaste packaging:

And the new:

I think overall, I really like it. It's clean (and it's packaging for toothpaste--it should very well be clean). I love that the kicky new logo is front and center--no longer is the focus on a photo of some wintergreen (or whatever the flavor is). But I think my favorite is the white background, vs. the tired off-white of the old. Big improvement. I mean, I never looked at the old packaging and thought that it was terrible, but the more I look at the new packaging, the more I definitely prefer it over the old.

Well played, Tom's of Maine.

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