Friday LOLs

I love this new feature: Friday LOLs. I think this might become a weekly thing.

So this clip of Louis CK is awesome--I'm sure I've posted it before. It's entirely appropriate for today, because of 2 reasons:

Mattio scored some great seats to see Louis CK in September--he's truly one of our favorites.

The second reason, is that, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I'm not having a great email day. I can't send email, AT&T is basically being dumb (shocker), and so now I am forced to use webmail. I hate webmail.

So I'm whining a little bit about it, while trying to find a clip of Louis CK to cheer myself up. And what is the first clip that comes up? Everything's amazing... and nobody's happy. Oh, the irony.

Here I am, whining about my poor life and the extra 30 seconds it's going to take me to use webmail... and I come across a clip that reminds me of how awesome it is that I actually have webmail, never mind email.


AmyElements said...

How did I not know about this guy. He's hilarious! Okay, how did your fake husband score tickets and where can I purchase two - LEGALLY, please - for us?

tracie valentino said...

Amy, sent you ticket info via email--fake Mattio bought them through the Foxwoods website.

I'm pretty sure we discovered him by accident. HBO special or something a few years back. He is definitely one of our favorites--so psyched to see him in September!