Book fair!

This weekend was the annual Pequot Library Book Fair--all year long, the library takes book donations, and then twice a year, sells them under a tent in a big, book fair extravaganza. I took the teenager, who is a ferocious reader; and while I didn't find much (she found some books that very well might be in our cellar), I had a great time snapping photos of the good, the bad, and the just plain odd.

This series, The Bibleot, was full of poetry and prose, published in 1901. I love the gothic spines all together like this.

Hours at Home: This was a handy reference guide to... pretty much everything. I guess if you had hours at home, you read this series.

In the "Old and Interesting" section, Jim Norton's Happy Endings. I would imagine this falls under the "interesting" heading.

Also in "Old and Interesting" (and definitely a little bit of both). I love the design of the cover; the colors and layout are great. The quote at the top? I could probably do without (I could definitely do without all those em dashes):

Dig you must—this fascinating excursion under the sidewalks of New York—where you will find wires and sewers, stores and subways, men, mains, and even alligators—

Missouri Life: Love the typography on this one:

Love the vintage, retro-y feel of this. Hate the scary scratchboard half face in the upper left:

Record album covers! One of my favorite sections of the book fair! Here we have the good...

...the bad...

...and the ugly. See why I love this section?

Finally, I took a photo of this one because I thought it was interesting, if anything: an unedited copy of Emily's Reasons Why Not. I though the back FPOs were amusing (National Print Advertising! 25-City Radio Campaign!). Sadly, Emily and her (ticking) biological clock did not make it home with me.

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