Government Printing Office

Yesterday was budget day (!); the day when the President Obama releases his proposed spending plan to Congress. Quite frankly, I can't imagine that it is an interesting read... (oh come on, it's numbers. And a lot of them) but I do find it interesting how the budget came together. No, not how Obama put the budget together... how the *printer* put the budget together (hint: it's not done at Kinkos).

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Robert Tapella, the "public printer of the United States" (um, cool job title? check). In these 4 short videos, Robert explains how the Government Printing Office (motto: Keeping America Informed) works, how the budget is put together, how sometimes there actually is a need to go to Kinkos, and how nobody gets their mitts on the budget before it's released.

Huh, I wonder if the government ever does any spot varnishing?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, if anyone can afford a spot varnish, it's the government!