Bacon: an awesome customer service story

For those not in the know, I am not a fan of bacon. Actually, I'm probably the anti-fan. It's gross. It smells. It's pig fat, people.

Unfortunately, my husband loves the stuff. He's one of bacon's BIGGEST fans.

We've managed to make our biggest difference work--he cooks it when I'm not home; then promptly burns every candle we have while keeping all the windows open. Yes, even in the dead of winter--that stuff smells!

In turn, I buy him bacon, and bacon related products every once in a while. Case in point: his birthday was a few weeks ago, and that called for some bacon. From a site called Bac'n.

Actually, the one thing I did NOT buy from Bac'n was actual bacon. There was some fun novelty stuff (bacon bandages, toothpicks, and a Baconista t-shirt), but no bacon. Until I got a call the day after I placed the order.

You guys, Bac'n called me.

Long story short, something happened to damage my original package, and something in the original order was out of stock and would hold up the order for a few days. As a result, Bac'n was offering me a gift. "Pick something out," they said, "free of charge."

Awesome. If you like bacon. Also awesome if the gift recipient isn't standing 2 feet away. Neither of which applied to me.

The poor guy on the other line. I said, "Why don't you just surprise me?"

To which he replied, "How about some bacon?" (of course)

"Sure," I said.

Then, he asked what kind. Hold the phone--bacon comes in FLAVORS??!

Oh this poor guy--all he wanted to know was what flavor of bacon he could give me, and between my utter ignorance, and the fact that Mattio's ears have completely perked, I could give him nothing. He threw a flavor out there, and I quickly agreed.

So the Bac'n came today. And Mattio was thrilled.

To the Bac'n guy I talked to? I'm so sorry I'm a total bacon flake. Your generosity is much appreciated--especially by my better half, bacon's (and now Bac'n's) biggest fan.


AmyElements said...

Wait a minute. There's a website that JUST sells bacon?

tracie valentino said...

Not only do they just sell bacon, Amy, but they are super awesome and their customer service ROCKS. And considering how I feel about bacon...