Photoshop v. Patrick Star

One of my Christmas presents this year was this awesome set of Adobe Creative Suite Coasters (Should you care to own a set of your own, you can order them here). However, in an extra twist of creativity, our 6 year old has renamed them. So Ps doesn't stand for Photoshop, it stands for Patrick Star (from Spongebob).

The entire set, as follows:

PS (Photoshop): Patrick Star

AI (Adobe Illustrator): Ashlee Igloo (Ashlee--our oldest--will be 15 next week. I think the "igloo" part of the name was born from her younger sister just plain trying to annoy her)

ID (InDesign): Ay Dios Mio (Have I mentioned that our 6 year old came up with these?)

DW (Dreamweaver): Daddy Wow

AE (After Effects): Ashlee Elizabeth (which is our oldest's actual name)

Fairfield Ludlowe (Flash): Where Ashlee Igloo (or Elizabeth) goes to school

The coasters are no longer referred to as AI, or PS; but as Ashlee Igloo, and Patrick Star--by the entire family. Actually, when I open up something in Illustrator, I giggle to myself as I think of Ashlee Igloo.

Something tells me that the 6 year old could have a future using these icons as their native applications.

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