Oh, right. This.

There are 2 things that I love about the Super Bowl: every SB Sunday we go skiing. Everyone else is home, watching 20 hours of pregame, making wings, or doing whatever it is that one does to prepare for such a monumental game. So it's great because there are virtually no lift lines, and the mountain is pretty empty. Thank you, football.

The second great thing? The ads.

The standouts (in my opinion):

While I don't necessarily think that a Snickers bar is the way to go if you're looking for energy, the commercial is great. Plus, really: Betty White and Abe Vigoda? Awesome.

Nobody really needs an ad to tell us what Google does; however, the execution of this one was great. The only other way I think they could have done it was to say, "We help you find stuff online. Duh."

I have a special place in my heart for VW; their advertising has always been a little quirky, and I like that. While I did like the Das Auto ads, I think I'm going to enjoy the Punch Dub campaign just as much. Also? We still play the punchbuggy game in my car. It's pretty much a rule.

I actually didn't see all the ads--I grew pretty bored with all that football stuff in between commercials--but from what I saw, those were definitely my faves.

My least favorites? Well, I think a very special BOO! goes out to Sketchers (really, Sketchers? You spent all that money, and that's the best that you can do?) and GoDaddy (Yes, GoDaddy, sex sells. We get it. Perhaps next time, though, you don't have to be so sleazy about it).

Wanna see more SB ads? Check out YouTube's AdBlitz.

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natalie said...

I missed a lot of the ads, too- we don't usually watch sports, but we were invited over, so it sounded fun. After we got there they told us they had just figured out they didn't actually get the correct channel for the Super Bowl. So somehow one of the guys rigged things up so we were watching the game, via the internet, on the big screen, in Japanese. Crazy, but totally hilarious. And so we missed most of the ads, although we did watch a couple in the breaks because the Japanese station didn't play ads during most breaks. I liked the Snickers, one, too... :)