Wednesday Wrap up

Wait--wha? What happened to weekly?

Sorry for the curveball, folks--it's been a while since my last post, and I never properly wrapped up last week. Plus, this Friday I'm sneaking off to the slopes--Shhhh. Don't tell.

Last week was actually pretty uneventful; I worked on a website that I thought was going to go live, but I still have a few eensie changes to make to it. If not the end of this week, then I'm really hoping for next week. It's been a while in the making, and I love the client to death and want her to have a proper website, not just a placeholder. Plus, you know, I kind of like it.

This week: Monday was a great day, because I got stuff done like nobody's business. It was actually a bunch of little things, but they were taking up way too much room on my Teux Deux list. Monday night I went to the inaugural New Media Haven event--it was... interesting. I actually met my friend Koleen there, as well as my pals from Elements. The event was billed as:

...the first ever New Media Haven at Black Bear Saloon! The event is the first of its kind in the New Haven area and will bring all techies, creative’s, entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in the digital space together, someplace other than Twitter!

It was really a networking event (good) with the 2 guys who put it together doing short presentations on their companies (not so good). I had a good time with my friends, got a few new business cards (and handed mine out as well), connected with some other social media friends, and ended the night enjoying some hummus (not the bacon variety) with Koleen at Claire's Corner Copia.

Yesterday I had a good first round logo presentation for a home accessories curator/interior designer. I got some good, solid feedback and am currently working on round two refinements. I also... got a new client!

Which leads me to today: today I was all city-chic, meeting said new client in the West Village (where I have never felt more suburban in my life!). The project is a website/blog design... and it has to do with... are you ready? FOOD. AND. SHOES. Seriously. I'm not too sure there's a more perfect match up out there.

Tomorrow brings more networking in the AM, then some website refinements before I close up shop for a bit of a long weekend. Tomorrow is also my version of Friday. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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