Weekly wrap up

Whew--this week was a blur. Between the rotten weather (cold rain and snow took over the latter half of the week), and deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, this week flew by. Let's get to it.

This week I worked on some logo revisions. The client is looking to keep things simple without the use of an icon; however, I came up with the above icon in our first round--which the client liked but decided against. I, on the other hand, fall in love with it a little more every time I see it--and now I need to use it SOMEWHERE. Hmmm, I'm going to keep thinking about that one...

I also did a lot of image/artist research for a web site I'm working on. I'm so excited--it's a little on the girly side, and let's face it; I am a girly girl. Perfect fit.

Tuesday night my pal Ed Kuyluk (of Right Mind Marketing and Hey Fairfield fame) and my new friend Amy DeLardi (of Infinite Web Design fame) threw an awesome tweet up, called Infinite Mind Share. Those who know me know that I love my social media--especially Twitter. It was so much fun to go out and meet--face to face--friends that I've been chatting with for months via social media. Some really great connections were made; I can't wait for the next one! (March 30th, at the Smart Car Dealership in Fairfield, in case you're wondering. You should stop by and say hi!)

Here I am with Twitter friend Marcy Michaud, and new friend (and artist) Dave Pressler.

I was supposed to have a meeting this AM with a client regarding naming their business, but unfortunately mother nature had other plans. Rescheduled for Monday. I have a bunch of ideas that I'm really excited about to present, so it should be fun.

This weekend I'm going to take advantage of the new snow and go skiing; I'll probably end up doing a little bit of work as well. Monday is my oldest's birthday--she'll be (GASP!) 15. She's a great kid--and I'm not just saying that because I know she reads this (Hi Ash. And Molly)--but I just can't digest that she is 15. She is a middle teenager. I don't even want to know what that makes me.

Next week is the big naming presentation, website design, logo revisions, and the beginning of a logo design project for my friend, and long-time blog reader, Sara with no H. Sara, I am going to rockstar the heck out of your logo.

Happy weekend all!

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