Not so Super at Mario Brothers

Yesterday was a snow day--for the children. Unfortunately, when your office doubles as your home, you can't exactly say you're not going to risk life and limb on snowy roads to come into work--people just don't buy that.

The problem with yesterday being a snow day for the children is that our house is roughly half the size it used to be, due to our impending construction. So there wasn't a lot of places they could go. Which would be fine if there wasn't 2 adults trying to work. Once our 2 year old got up from her nap, I just gave up--she clearly had other plans and they involved her mother not working.

Her latest fixation? Watching someone play the Wii. Her latest Wii fixation? Super Mario Brothers.

So yesterday afternoon, I got to play "Mario Brothers"--as she refers to it. And she sat on one side of me, and our 6 year old sat on the other side, and they were in their glory:

2 year old: "Watch out for those guys, mommy!"

6 year old: "Mom, I can't believe you died again. Maybe you should go to an easier level. Or just skip this one.

2 year old: "Watch out for those guys, mommy!"

6 year old: "Mom, there's got to be an easier way for you to get to the castle. You should try the easier way."

And so it went, for a little while anyway. I have to admit, as frustrating as the game is--and if you couldn't tell, I'm not that good--it's a good way to release stress.

Especially since my desk--piled with all the work I wasn't doing--was 3 feet away.

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