Weekly wrap up

Wow. This week was dizzying.

Construction update: We have lumber. That's something, right? Right??!

Work update: Lots going on: 2 brochures; 1 which is going to print first thing next week. Lots of website updates (not mine. Insert whining here). Fantastic logo approval--yay! Round 2 logo designs + meeting for a completely separate logo. Oh, and a new business meeting at--are you ready for this?--a BROWNIE factory.

It was pretty much what I envisioned heaven to be like.

To do: This weekend, it is not only Mattio's birthday (Whee!), but it's also both my parents' as well. So there's going to be lots of cake (insert lots of happiness here). Tonight we are dining with zoesmom and friends, tomorrow night is birthday madness, and Sunday could be ski day, if it's not too, too cold.

Enjoy your weekend!

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