New work!

Late last year, I was referred to a local real estate team who were looking for a logo. We met, they threw a bunch of adjectives at me--the most consistent being "Barney's. We want to look like Barney's." and I left that meeting with a new project.

Challenge accepted.

First rounds:

Normally I'm not a big helvetica fan in logos, but here it just worked. Plus I was showing them like, 6 other logos that weren't helvetica.

It wasn't easy coming up with variations on their initials with out it reading MD, as in doctor. But I think this mark worked.

The ladies are Westport-based, so I thought I would try adding something Westport-y: the Saugatuck bridge railings.

When I first got this project, I was all kinds of excited about the endless ampersand possibilities. I quickly became overwhelmed by said endless ampersand possibilities.

A door-type icon, that, well, opened up so many doors...

Fancy-pants ampersand incorporation #1...

...and #2.

Each woman liked different logos, for different reasons. the one they agreed on? Version 1. A little tweaking and color, and voila! A logo is born:

It's kind of hard to see online, but the last m in Miriam and the d in Dee are a shade darker than the rest of the letters; which lends itself nicely to the icon:

As I said earlier, while I love, love, love helvetica, I don't always love it in logo form; but here, it works. I think this gives them the fresh, modern yet timeless--and most important--overall Barney's look that they were going for.

Next up: working on incorporating the new logo into their website and print materials, as well as developing a fun, fresh color palette.

I love projects like this!


Marcy said...

Love it! It is clear and descriptive. What fun to see how it evolved and the thoughts behind it.

debbie fay said...


tracie valentino said...

Thanks guys! I'm hoping to feature more of my projects this way.